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With the miaworkbench you collect factory data and make it easily and immediately usable for your entire team.

For all departments.

Real-time data helps quality management to concentrate on the essentials: The improvement of quality. Tasks such as keeping defect cards or maintaining visual management are no longer necessary. Instead, data is available to other departments on demand.

mia quality department


Real-time data help quality management to concentrate on what is important: improving quality. Tasks such as keeping error collection cards or maintaining visual management are no longer necessary. Instead, data is available to other departments on demand.

mia manufacturing department


With real-time data and notifications, managers can respond to problems faster. Knowledge management allows workers to solve smaller problems on their own, so experts can focus on bigger issues.

mia process department

process technology

Thanks to various real-time and long-term evaluations, process optimisation and analysis of error causes is easier, faster and the execution of tests is centrally organised.

mia project management department

project management

Long-term evaluations help in the project planning of new products and facilitate risk management for the next start-up. In addition, the organised way of working simplifies cooperation in solving problems with current components.

mia maintenance department


Urgent problems are addressed more quickly with notifications. In some cases, you can avoid problems ahead of time with process monitoring.

mia logistics department


Current production figures help logistics to time deliveries and optimise internal processes.

For all factories.

mia is interesting for most companies – especially those with very complex process chains or manual workflows.

Automotive industry, Aerospace technology
mia metallverarbeitungsindustrie

metal processing

mia kunststoffverarbeitungsindustrie

plastic processing

mia medizintechnik

medical technology

mia elektrotechnik

Electrical engineering and electronics

mia maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Mechanical and plant engineering

mia für Konsumgüterindustrie

Consumer goods and packaging industry

Know the current quality status at all times and everywhere.

With digital quality recording, you can react immediately to production errors and thus save valuable resources and capacity. This not only results in lower production costs but also increases customer relations.

mia qualitätskontrolle
mia Smart Factory Serienfertigung

No matter how many lines you produce on, mia always keeps track.

With mia, you maintain an overview at all times, even with complex process chains, short cycle times and large batch sizes. At the same time, mia takes over the prioritisation of problems.

Even with long, manual work steps, know where you stand.

mia also helps with manual work steps with the checklist to record progress and thus make production more plannable. At the same time, you can use mia as a simple tool for bottleneck analyses, for example.

Carefree control through automatic process monitoring.

mia is able to monitor process parameters, plant quality or availability according to the available data. You decide which topics and work areas you want to be informed about. So that you are there when it matters.


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mia Workshop zur Implementierung

Tailor-made onboarding. Rapid implementation.

From selecting the right type of data collection to integrating products and factories – our team is at your side on the way to the digital factory. This way, you can quickly get to your digital factory in just a few weeks.

Four steps and off you go.

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Simply contact our team using via form or email and we will take care of the rest. Please feel free to specify your preferred dates.

Get to know

Unser Expertenteam spricht mit Ihnen, um Ihre Ausgangslage zu verstehen und mia perfekt auf Sie zuzuschneiden.

kickoff workshop

Together we develop the target state for your digital factory and define which functions will help you to manufacture more efficiently.


Within one week, we set up the miaworkbench together with your miaadmin, install the hardware and train your users.

¹ Die einwöchige Implementierung können wir nur realisieren, wenn die bestehende Version von mia Ihre Anforderungen erfüllt. Bei Anpassungen, Neuentwicklungen und neuen Schnittstellen muss der Aufwand und die sich daraus ergebende Dauer abgeschätzt werden.

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